UMG | All Night Long

UMG | All Night Long

A while back I posted a video of Aris Sparks rhyming over “C.R.E.A.M.”. Well as it turns out, he’s also part of a group called Union Music Group and here is a song from a project they’re working on set to drop in April. Here is their first single, “All Night Long”, from The Mile High Club that’s dropping on 4/19. I fux with this song. I love how they flipped the sample and the song overall, has a really good fun sound to it. Everything in the world doesn’t have to be so heavy all the time. It’s okay to have fun and this song embodies that. The video is directed by Karl Lunsford (@KarlLunz) and features all 4 UMG artists, Aris Sparks (@ArisSparks), KRivers (@KRiversUMG), Shep (@ShepUMG), and Kyon (@KyonUMG).

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