theDeeepEnd: “Skeletons” [Music Video]

theDeeepEnd: “Skeletons” [Music Video]

North Carolina’s theDeeepEnd released his debut EP “Think Good Thoughts” last year and it’s one of my underrated projects from that year. DeeepEnd produced the entirety of this EP and with not a guest appearance in sight, we get to see the North Carolina hero at his finest.

Full of energy and passion, TheDeeepEnd has provided visuals to “Skeletons” just in time for the summer weather. “Think Good Thoughts” isn’t all sunshine and unicorns and on “Skeletons” the name of the story is blunts and bangers. The trippy video has TheDeeepEnd essentially rapping and celebrating himself and the energy just radiates off the artist both in actual art direction for the video and the sharp lines he comes with. You can check the visuals for “Skeletons” above and if you haven’t heard “Think Good Thoughts” yet you can stream that below.

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