The Sandpeople – The P [Prod. by Trox]

The Sandpeople – The P [Prod. by Trox]

I found this going through some singles catching up on music and got this on blast! That beat is crazy and the emcees did their thing. I had to post this one for you all to check out. If you want to more, here is a quick write up from their Bandcamp. About to go through the rest of their music on their Bandcamp in a minute. Hit the stream below and check this one out. It’s hot.

Sandpeople rep “The P” (aka Portland, Oregon) right on their 3rd new single in recent weeks, produced by fellow P dweller Trox. Trox is a rising star who has already worked with such heavyweights as 50 Cent and Krizz Kaliko. “The P” is a perfect example of why Portland hip hop shouldn’t be taken lightly and Sandpeople hope to prove this to the rest of the world on their upcoming European tour. This will be uncharted territory for the crew and to raise support they are urging fans to visit their kickstarter page where plenty of exclusive art, music, and clothing packages are available. If they meet or exceed their goal it will assist with the European and US tour efforts. Treat yourself proper – don’t sleep on SP or “The P”!

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