SL Jones – Trapper’s Delight EP

SL Jones – Trapper’s Delight EP


Like Paraphernalia, with Trapper’s Delight SL again teamed up with a single producer, this time M16, the Alabama producer best known for tracks like “Duffle Bag Boy” by Playaz Circle, Young Jeezy’s “I Do” Ft. Jay-Z & Andre 3000, and Yelawolf’s Heart Of Dixie mixtape. And to help bring the project to life, SL also partnered with Hoodrich/Grand Hustle DJ, DJ MLK. “M16’s production is so epic, and I’ve been working with him for a minute, so the chemistry was natural,” explains SL of the collaboration. “And DJ MLK is a street music connoisseur; he was able to offer guidance and help to bring everything together.”

While the uninitiated listener may hear Trapper’s Delight as a sonic deviation, for long-time fans of SL Jones, the sounds on Trapper’s Delight will feel familiar, drawing on the foundation that Jones laid on previous tapes like The Number 23 and Flight Risk. “I feel like Trapper’s Delight picks up where Flight Risk left off, just better,” says Jones, “My songwriting keeps improving; lyrically and technically, I’m improving.” But, he notes, with Trapper’s Delight, as with all of his projects, it’s also about feel, about emotion, about connecting with the listener. “There’s joy and pain in every word,” says SL. “I want the world to feel me.”

Listen: SL Jones-Trapper’s Delight


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