Reva DeVito & Roane Namuh – CLOUDSHINE DELUXE

Reva DeVito & Roane Namuh – CLOUDSHINE DELUXE


Cloudshine Deluxe is the product of two supremely talented hip-hop/nu-soul artists; singer/songwriter Reva DeVito (who you might know from playing fashion week with Mark Ronson or her recordings with Dark Time Sunshine, Kastle, Jason Burns etc. etc.) and producer Roane Namuh (Dropping Gems label / KZME Radio). With Reva’s ability to effortlessly capture a mood and convey a multitude of feelings over Roane’s meticulous and thoughtful production, together they have crafted a beautiful, simultaneously classic and progressive boogie soul and hip hop dance album. The new Deluxe version has added two bonus tracks, been re-mastered to bring out Reva’s great voice and excellent songwriting, and is remixed by some of the best producers of new school soul and funk music – Tall Black Guy and Tony Ozier.

Listen: Reva DeVito & Roane Namuh – CLOUDSHINE

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