nuLOVE – Riki-Oh (ft. Wally Left, Freakmite, & Deon)

nuLOVE – Riki-Oh (ft. Wally Left, Freakmite, & Deon)

Often times when I hear songs from artist I have never heard from it really comes down to the basics for me and that’s do I like the song. First, how is the production because often times, the production and a nice beat will lend a second listen. Once that is done, I move to the second step which is the sound and quality of the artists. What the Dead End Hip Hop listening session has taught me is that a good beat won’t always save you. I heard some good beats poorly wasted. Thankfully, nuLOVE didn’t do any of that and comes through with a nice single from their upcoming project Equinox Vol. 3 EP sponsored by DJ Booth.

“Riki-Oh” taken from the name of a Japanese manga series, features the other teens that make up Boycott’s No State Backgammon Gang collective: Wally Left, Freakmite, and Deon. From what I hear with Riki-Oh is an assessable song, not a bad thing, and the emcees do a good job of staying interesting and in the forefront on a beat that could overpower artists due to it’s heavy bassline and catchy melody. Alas, they didn’t do that and stayed relevant throughout the song. I can see this song performing well on collage campuses.

The full project is slated to drop December 17th.

Listen: nuLOVE-Riki-Oh (ft. Wally Left, Freakmite, & Deon)

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