Music Video: ILLClinton – ILLClinton (Obama)

Music Video: ILLClinton – ILLClinton (Obama)

This is my first time hearing of ILLClinton but this isn’t a bad intro the duo out of the Atlanta hip hop scene. They actually have a number of songs I like sonically as I listened to a few other records in their catalog. I am looking forward to hearing what they put together on their début tape ILLANTA.

Bio: ILLClinton

A breath of fresh air to the Atlanta Hip Hop scene. The hip hop duo, ILLClinton, consists of two brothers from Atlanta, GA, Brennan (Artist/Producer) & Blake Belair (Producer). Their first official video of the self-titled single “ILLClinton (Obama)” released on Youtube this past August. As if the entire video was drug induced itself, the visual is a hypnotizing mental trip of images, including President Obama playing the cello in the woods, a smoking pig head, and a rapping President Clinton. The track was written and produced by ILLClinton. The video was directed by upcoming filmographer, A Dreamers Visual. ILLClinton’s debut mixtape, “ILLANTA” releases February 25, 2013 on

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