Monster (ft. Sadat X & C Rayz Walz) [Adreneline Mix]

Monster (ft. Sadat X & C Rayz Walz) [Adreneline Mix]


Vast Aire’s latest EP, A Space Iliad, is out. A Space Iliad is a collection of remixes and b-sides from his previous OX 2010: A Space Odyssey. The second half of the duo Cannibal OX, and also founding member of the Atoms Family and The Weathermen, has just released the second single, “Monster”, with Sadat X and C-Rayz Walz. This has a western sound to it that just works for me. The production on the track is very well done with changes in pitch used on the chorus to give it a dark sound that’s reflective of the song title. You can cop Vast Aire’s A Space Iliad here on iTunes.


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