Mixtape: SMKA’s The Hang Out (Part 1) | 4 Days x 50 Artists x 20 Songs

Mixtape: SMKA’s The Hang Out (Part 1) | 4 Days x 50 Artists x 20 Songs

Atlanta production collective, SMKA, blocked out 882 Studios for 4 days, and invited many of Atlanta’s most talented and progressive hip-hop artists to hang out, eat, drink, collaborate and make music.  The Hang Out took place from February 7 – 10, and for 14 hours a day, 4 days straight, Justin Padron, of 882 Studios, recorded artists over SMKA production.

The Hang Out compilation features more than 50 different artists on 20 original records produced entirely by SMKA producers: 808 Blake, Kato and Justin Padron. The Hang Out showcases the depth of talent, and diversity, that makes Atlanta’s hip-hop community the most creative and influential in the world.

— The Hang Out Line-Up —

Scotty, Jarren Benton, Playboy Tre, Tuki Carter, Spree Wilson, EarthGang, Jackie Chain, RaRa, K. Camp, Aleon Craft, Rome Fortune, Goldyard, Mach Five, Grip Plyaz, Miloh Smith, GoDreamer, Money Makin Nique, Sy Ari Da Kid, Will, Cooly Wright, Ducko McFli, Tom P, Sean Falyon, SL Jones, Willy Joe, iNEDEED, Marian Mereba, REi, Young Lyxx, Stanza, Jus Nice, Red Coat Da Poet, Cool is Mac, Gilles, Mic Barz, Jack Preston, Small Eyez, Mums FP, Supakali, Grants, Justin Paul, Spacesuit Junkies, Tom P, Sydney Renee, Ben Frank Jr., Grands, Kusdem, Bags, P. Dukes, Grady The Great, San Williams, TK and Bamn Ford

The 20 track compilation will be released in two separate projects… 

The Hang Out [Part 1]

  1. Miloh Smith, Tuki Carter & Justin Paul – Return of the Raw
  2. EarthGang ft. Grady The Great- Aligator Musik
  3. Dreamer, Bags, P.Dukes & TK – Ain’t Nobody
  4. Playboy Tre, Marian Mareba & Spree Wilson – Good Life
  5. Cooly Wright, Red Coat Da Poet & Cool is Mac – Patterns
  6. Jackie Chain, Scotty & RaRa – Pimpin Mane
  7. Money Makin Nique & Mums FP – Fuck You
  8. Aleon Craft, Jack Pres & Small Eyez – Same Ol Things
  9. Stanza, Jus Nice & Mic Barz – Tell Dat
  10. Ducko McFli & Sean Falyon – The Game


The Hang Out [Part 2] = April 30th

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