Mikeyy Austin: “Ninety-Six” [Music Video]

Mikeyy Austin: “Ninety-Six” [Music Video]

Lansing Michigan’s Mikeyy Austin is having an action packed 2017 and he continues to give back to his fans even on his birthday. Yesterday he dropped a video for a brand new single called “Ninety-Six”. Now I gotta say this man’s grind is impeccable and he continues to give shine to the people that helped get him here.

Earlier this year Austin released his debut album in “L I F T E D” and I can’t stress enough how much you need to hear this release. 2017 has been a weird year and with that has come a lot of negativity and Mikeyy Austin combats all of that on “L I F T E D”. For now enjoy the positive vibes from “Ninety-Six” and give Mikeyy Austin a happy birthday shout.

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