Mikeyy Austin: Midnight Stereo (feat. PhourTheLove) (prod. by Ess Be)

Mikeyy Austin: Midnight Stereo (feat. PhourTheLove) (prod. by Ess Be)

Michigan rapper, MikeyyAustin, brings back soul and funk over Ess Be’s Hip-Hop production. Paired with a vocal performance by Phourthelove, live instrumentation from The Happy Medium, and Sareem Poems kicking radio hits, Midnight Stereo is catchy, comical, and the perfect vibe for this summer.

MikeyyAustin had this to say about the song, “Ess Be and I have been working on an entire project together, and I’ve never felt this free as an artist. Songs like Midnight Stereo started off with an idea, and as Ess Be turned that idea into production, everything just had a natural flow to it.

I wanted to incorporate things that inspire me as an artist, musician, and an overall creative. So theres a mix of soul, funk and live instrumentation.’

This is just the second single from the new project. Be sure to check out “Rock Steady” ft. Packy, James Garden & Phourthelove (prod. Ess Be) on all streaming services.

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