Michael Nhat – Good Times

Michael Nhat – Good Times

New hip-hop video by West Coast artist, Michael Nhat (nawt), from his sample-based hip-hop album “Living Room” on Paramanu Recordings. “Good Times” bears an effortless 4 second loop of vintage ecstasy that drives the song faster than what the tempo actually is. The absence of a low frequency e.g. drum kick, can be interpreted as lazy production or avant garde middle-fingers to our expectations of what hip-hop has to be. Nhat declares it is neither, and that he was inspired by the first track on Smiff N’ Wessun’s Dah Shinin’. It also has no deep end, and the anticipation for it, was the point for “Good Times”. The video is actually pretty normal for Michael Nhat, If you’re used to seeing his rat, death, sex themed videos of his work. A conventional aim and perform number with a hint of footage from his notorious first release party at The Vermont House.

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