Lyriciss-The Balance EP:Money Review [Written]

Lyriciss-The Balance EP:Money Review [Written]

Life is all about balance and the one key element to balance and life is money (so they say). It’s true what they say about money-making the world go ‘round, and it is definitely true what they say about it being a blessing or a curse. Either way, with it or without in your life, you can have some interesting stories to tell. DMV emcee, Lyriciss, decided to do so with his second of a four-part series called “The Balance EP: Money”.

THE AGENDA – Favorite bar: “I’M PUBLIC ENEMY, YOU KNOW THEY BE GUNNING FOR THAT”/ “I’M TRYING TO BIRTH WHAT THE LABELS ABORTED”/ “TRYING TO INFLATE MY CREDIT MORE THAN THE CRIME RATE”. “The “Get Money” sample really sets the tone on this Grussle-produced track. Lyriciss breaks down his game plan in life with “The Agenda*” and it serves as a great introduction track for those who haven’t heard of him.

BIG GOLD CHAIN – Favorite bar: “EVERYBODY LOVES BREAD, BUT WE ALL HATE THE END THOUGH”. Lyriciss gets real vivid as he paints a dark picture of obsession on this J-Scrilla produced track. This track reminds me of Wale’s “Chain Music”. This track, however, goes a little deeper and shows the influence of the chain on the wearer.

THE MONEY – Favorite Bar: “MONEY MAKES THE WORLD GO AROUND WE GETTING DIZZY”. I love the cuts on this track; this is real hip hop. The production has a dark west coast feel. This is the track where Lyriciss lyrically spazzes out. This was one of the more lyrical tracks on the EP and is a fan favorite.

GET IT AND GO – Favorite Bar: “WE SCRAMBLE FOR CHANGE, BUT THE PAIN DON’T CHANGE UP”. This track is like “The Agenda”, but has a more edgier feel. Soulful lives up to his name and delivers a very soulful banger. The hook is addictive and the flute sticks in your mind. The video to this song will make you appreciate the song more. It shows Lyriciss’s intention for getting his money.

Overall, this is a really dope EP. I love how he kept the theme of money throughout and even on the production. Speaking of the production, it was superb. Every single sample and cut reflected the theme of the mixtape. This was a great listen and really embodies hip hop. I’m really excited to hear the other installments to The Balance (Heart is next) series. There is only one bad thing about this EP…it’s a EP! It was too short! I would have loved to hear Lyriciss go a couple of more tracks.I know that it’s just January, but this feels as though it’s going to be one of my best listens/reviews for the year. This is going to be one of the best EPs of the year and you can put money on it.

Need a copy, grab it here.

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