Live In Concert: G-EAZY (Portland, OR)

Live In Concert: G-EAZY (Portland, OR)



G-Eazy is on the cusp of something big. They say hard work pays off, and after three years of non-stop touring and releasing independent projects along the way, he is currently in the middle of a 40-date tour across the map, and selling out nearly every date. But it doesn’t stop there. He is also working on These Things Happen, the unreleased project that this tour is promptly named after.

The stage went black, the smoke machine kicked in, drummer Blizzy picked up his sticks, and Christoph Andersson hit the first notes of “Far Alone.” The instrumental blared for a well timed 15 seconds, and suddenly, G emerged from the backside of his extravagant new stage set-up. He spit the first lines and the crowd went wild.

pic1“Portland, what the fuck is up! I’ve always dreamed of playing this venue. Ever since we stepped foot in that tiny-ass coffee shop across the street, I’ve wanted to play the Roseland and tonight we’re fucking here!” G proclaimed two songs into the set. He showed love to Portland and they shot it right back at him for the rest of the night, as he went through songs from various points in his career. After opening with singles from the upcoming project, he went back to Endless Summer, a project released in 2011, and even went as far back as “Fried Rice,” a single from BIG, a mixtape he released in 2010. But he didn’t only play material from previous entries, as he went on to play three songs from These Things Happen, and they sounded different from what he’s released previously. That wasn’t  a bad thing, as the songs sounded excellent.

The rest of the night was as crazy as it had begun, as he played a few more hits, and ended with an encore of “LOADED,” where balloons and confetti rained down as G and his crew went H.A.M. and super soaked the crowd with water guns and whatever liquid was in reach. The crowd of 1500 did not leave disappointed, and this came from the fact that G-Eazy takes his live show very seriously. In this day and age, live shows can make or break an artist. After touring with the likes of Lil Wayne, Drake, 2 Chainz, as well as headlining two sold-out nationwide tours in two years, he knows how to pull everything out of the crowd. If his live show and the new material he previewed were any indications of what to expect from These Things Happen, expect very good things to come from G-EAZY moving forward.

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