Kane Mayfield – Middle Class

Kane Mayfield – Middle Class

Middle Class Cover Art

The piano sets the tone. It’s both haunting and sad at the same time as Kane Mayfield describes the everyday reality of Americans. The drums contrast with the depressing piano melody augmenting the record taking it to a place of vulnerability further enhanced when the drums are released in the choruses. When the opposite happens at the end of the record and the piano is lost, the drums take on an eerie, rapid heartbeat sound leaving Kane Mayfield’s outcome to your imagination.

Two lines in the first verse tell the story as I listen to Kane Mayfield’s “Middle Class”. “This ain’t a deep record just a eulogy for hope.” and “I don’t got jack unless I’m popping the car trunk and that’s reality.” You hear Kane Mayfield deal with a multitude of decisions and choices in all three verses. The social construct of the middle class sounds great but it is a fragile one at best. You’re either halfway to making it or halfway to losing it all and Kane Mayfield delivers that message in “Middle Class”. Take a listen to the record below.

Listen: Kane Mayfield-Middle Class

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