Justo : “Black Ops” (Album Stream)

Justo : “Black Ops” (Album Stream)



“I want people to experience the raw, unfiltered nature of the record and take this journey with me, back to a time when what you said actually mattered more than how much 808 is on your beat.”—Justo on his new project, Black Ops

Brooklyn raised emcee, Justo is damn near determined to prove a point on his latest release. Teaming up with veteran Hip-Hop producer, Showbiz , he crafts an 11 track body of work which he calls “Black Ops“.

The project’s manifesto includes two main points; a) to pay homage to the greatest to ever do it, and b) to showcase that he’s not playing around when it comes to the lyrics.


With the Bronx producer’s work as his canvas, Justo demonstrates time and time again his ability to blend mafioso-rap stylings with clever battle-rap bars. These show up on a number of Black Ops standouts, including the hard-hitting opening track “The Council,” the revealing “Hood Politics,” and Justo’s personal favorite track off the project, “Can’t Take Y’all Seriously.”


Black Ops also follows Justo’s tendency to collaborate with a single producer on a project, including 2015’s great 7-1-Ocho with Mexican beatsmith, Ocho Vazquez. The one-rapper, one-producer approach is one of Hip-Hop’s greatest traditions, and Justo honors it with vigor and tenacity here throughout every track.

For Justo, flowing over Showbiz’s raw, gritty instrumentals came naturally, but it also opened the door for experimentation. He saw an opportunity to get loose and just straight-up spit, leaving listeners with one of the hardest rap releases to drop so far this year. The eleven track project is now available through all major digital outlets and streaming platforms, via Black Jewel Entertainment.

Watch Video Of “The Council” Below.

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