Hear Jazzmyn RED’s Writing HERstory

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Hear Jazzmyn RED’s Writing HERstory

“I don’t want anybody to feel voiceless, and if I can use my voice to make those stories heard, then that’s exactly what I’m here to do.” – Jazzmyn RED

Jazzmyn RED‘s new album “Writing HERstory” is the a 17 track body of work that blends spoken word poetry, Hip-Hop and soul. She tackles a set of diverse subject matter throughout the project in effort to take the listener into her own diverse personality. Interesting outcome to say the least. Check it out.

Writing HERstory is the honest, soulful, and emotionally gripping new album from Jazzmyn RED, a multi-talented artist hailing from Taunton, Mass. who deftly blends genres and styles to create her own unique sound. 

The music on Writing HERstory is shaped by RED’s personal experiences and talents in addition to her love for musical greats like Tupac, Lauryn Hill, and Queen Latifah. RED then combines all that with a mixture of R&B, Neo soul, and Hip-Hop to create the album’s instantly engaging atmosphere. She’s also included spoken-word interludes throughout the project to showcase her poetic talents while further driving home her message-fueled narrative.

And what’s crazy to think about is that the album almost never happened. As RED tells it, she almost quit music entirely some years ago while going through “personal storms.” But she was saved by her close friend and a fellow emcee, Carlos “Loko Los” Rivera. 

“He pushed me to my limits and never allowed me to give up on music, or myself. For that he’ll always be family,” she says of Rivera, who died tragically in November 2016. “If it wasn’t for him finding me all those years ago I wouldn’t have accomplished any of this.”

It’s in honor of Rivera’s legacy—in addition to her parents, who also pushed her to pursue art—that we’re able to hear Writing HERstory. And everyone who listens will agree that we’re lucky to have the opportunity to do so. As this record makes very clear, Jazzmyn RED is a special talent. Writing HERstory is now available through iTunes and all major digital retailers, and streaming services.


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01. Writing HERstory (prod. by Lingo) 

02. Uncle Sam 

03. Questionable Blackness (prod. by Lingo)

04. A Real Message 

05. Know Justice Know Peace (prod. by Vinny Idol) 

06. The Product 

07. Stay Grindin’ (prod. by Mikhail O. Johnson) 

08. No One In 

09. Good Girl Bad Attitude (prod. by HuanGi) 

10. Bound 

11. Fade Out (prod. by Montez “The Genius” Kirkland) 

12. Rose Colored Glasses 

13. If I Had a Daughter (prod. by The Arcitype) 

14. Vision

15. Positive Vibes Only (prod. by The Arcitype) 

16. Color Me RED 

17. She’s Not (prod. by Lingo)



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