Album Review: Iron Lyon – ‘From The Ground Up’

Album Review: Iron Lyon – ‘From The Ground Up’



Written By Darcwonn

Iron Lyon can be considered as a “hybrid artist”. You know: the type that is gifted at more than one aspect of hip hop. We have plenty of hip hop producers/emcees (Kanye West, Extra P, Big K.R.I.T., and many more). We also have those that are gifted with the mic and the artwork (Artifacts, KRS-One, Fat Joe when he was still urban). Now we need to mention the emcee/deejay. Iron Lyon fits that background. With From The Ground Up, we get to see if he can hold down the microphone like he can spin records.

I can say that the album is good. I wouldn’t say “great”, but I would say “good” or “pretty good”.

Iron Lyon can be lyrically suitable, albeit quite consistently monotone. “Keep On” works when his style is used over the track. “Way I Feel” flows through the life and times of Iron Lyon. Lyon usually comes with a message on each track. However, his knack for consistency (in tone and wordplay) may have held him back.

Chad Dubz & Mr. Koichi come with pretty compelling production that any hip hop purist can get with. The guitar licks on “Way I Feel” can eternally sooth the soul. The same effect can be found on “Long Strange Trip,” “Walk Away,” and “Step Into the Night.” Even the obvious flip of an “At Your Best” sample on “Summer in the City” comes off as pretty admirable to the ears. It can be easily implied that the production was made for the lyricism that Iron Lyon has to offer.

The word that we can associate with this album is “consistency.” That word is what this album is filled with, for better or worse. This consistency brought about songs that are damn good. However, a feeling of tedium can set in for some listeners. Regardless, Iron Lyon’s From the Ground Up is a good listen for those that want that reliability in their music.

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