Geno Five: “The Feels” [Album Review]

Geno Five: “The Feels” [Album Review]


There’s really one glaring issue with hip-hop that I have today when it comes to independent artists. There’s a lack of creativity when it comes to the originality in some of the music I hear and I guess we all sound like someone else, but it’s getting too blatant. From adlibs, to even some of the flows and delivery of verses are ripped straight from someone else’s book. Enter Englewood emcee Geno Five, who’s come through with his EP “The Feels”.

Eight tracks deep, Geno Five immediately explodes on the intro “Sour Grapes” laying down the foundation of what’s to come. Geno Five has been through some things and sometimes comes off as jaded. However that jadedness (yes, that is a word…..I looked it up) has turned him into an extremely confident rapper and it shines in this project.

Geno weaves in tales of heartbreak and struggle with its exact juxtaposition in telling tales of triumph and well….revenge. “We The Crew” is Geno’s thesis statement, with “Solitude” being the paragraph that he bodies. My absolute favorite part of Geno and his music, is his ability to blind with the production with ORIGINALITY. When a trap beat comes on, I usually can predict what kind of flow and style they’re going to come with. Not the case with Geno Five, his powerful voice demands you take him seriously, but his cadence comes off so nonchalant that even Geno’s laughing at how impressed you are with him.

I’ll be honest when I saw the album was called “The Feels” I was expecting a real personal album to get me in my feels. Geno Five, takes this a step further and actually gives us the full spectrum of “The Feels”. “The Feels” is not just when we’re sad or depressed, it’s when we’re feeling successful, triumphant, menacing and confident too. Geno expresses all of these with precision and originality on this EP “The Feels”.

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