Foreign Exchange – So What If It Is

Foreign Exchange – So What If It Is


Oh this was good news to find in my inbox today. Foreign Exchange has a new album in the works and here is the first song from it.

“So What If It Is” is The Foreign Exchange’s new single from their “+FE Music: The Reworks” remix compilation. Spanning 2 discs, the specially priced set features remixes from Nicolay, Zo! 4hero, ?uestlove & James Poyser, and serves as a primer for +FE Music’s upcoming releases: “ManMade” by Zo! and The Foreign Exchange’s long-awaited 4th LP, “Love In Flying Colors.”

I am really looking forward to this as I am a big fan of Phonte and Nicolay. They put on a great live show and I have purchased all of their albums and about to pre-order this one.

Listen: Foreign Exchange-So What If It Is

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