DJ Manipulator – Jazz Is Everything (Mix)

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DJ Manipulator – Jazz Is Everything (Mix)

We got some good old mix from Massachusetts-based deejay/producer DJ Manipulator who blends in an half hour long mix of classic Jazz classics. If you are a Hip-Hop head, you would clearly enjoy this trip down memory lane with DJ manipulator’s “Jazz Is Everything

From start to finish, Manip uses Jazz Is Everything to drive home the point that Jazz is indeed damn-near everything. That’s because all of the material on here have been sampled in one way or another (and often multiple times) to create the instrumentals of so many beloved songs. And those songs run the gamut from De La Soul’s “Stakes Is High,” to Method Man & Redman’s “Maaad Crew,” to Gang Starr’s “ALONGWAYTOGO.”

The end result is a wonderfully mixed tip of the hat to both the original artists (including Herbie Hancock, Quincy Jones, and Stevie Wonder) and the hip-hop legends who sampled them (including J Dilla, Pete Rock, and Clark Kent). It also helps to educate younger listeners just getting into Hip-Hop—and hopefully Jazz, too—and those older heads just looking for something smooth to listen to this weekend.

DJ Manipulator dropped his latest original music, the Conway-featured burner “2 Drums,” this past fall. Expect more from the deejay/producer in the coming months, but until then, kick back with this funky and, of course, jazzy mix, which is now available for free download!

Fan Gate (Free Download):


01. Intro/Ahmad Jamal – Swahililand ([0:00])

02. Eddie Henderson – Inside You ([1:19])

03. Idris Muhammad- Piece of Mind ([2:30])

04. David Frost and Billy Taylor – Bright Star in the East ([4:13])

05. Ramsey Lewis – Tambura/Scratch Interlude ([6:00])

06. Jack Wilkins – Red Clay ([6:53])

07. Stevie Wonder – How Can You Believe ([8:39])

08. Laboratorium – Szalony Baca ([9:42])

09. The Catalyst – The Demon Pt. 2 ([12:10])

10. Kool and the Gang – North, East, South, West ([13:20])

11. Quincy Jones – Snow Creatures ([15:08])

12. David Matthews – Arrakis ([16:38])

13. David Matthews – Sandworms ([17:42])

14. Dreams – Dream Suite ([18:55])

15. Unknown ([19:48])

16. Kool and the Gang – Soul Vibrations ([21:05])

17. Detroit 1984 – Swamp Fox ([22:27])

18. Herbie Hancock – Stars In Your Eyes ([23:34])

19. Bobbi Humphrey – Satin Doll ([25:54])

20. Larry Clark – Sweet Dreamer ([27:48])

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