DEHH Inbox: Wilsonman – Cruisin’

DEHH Inbox: Wilsonman – Cruisin’

Check out Wilsonman’s “Cruisin'”, another young cat out of Brooklyn, NY. A lot of talent is starting to come out of NY.

Short Bio :

“I’m William Wilson. I was born on June 28,1989. My activities consist of rapping,skating and graphic design.But when it comes to rapping, I’m no joke. I have been rapping since I was 6. I started taking it seriously in 2003, the year after my father passed away. But as of late I pushed skating aside to presue my dreams of rapping even though my skating has landed me a spot on MTV. My rapping has grown in popularity over the last year gaining 20,000 plays and my first show selling out leading to more shows in the nyc area, like Santos, Fat baby, The Five Spot and Bowery poetry club and google’s cmj event and other venues in ny”

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