DEHH Inbox: TwoineyLo – X Marks The Spot

DEHH Inbox: TwoineyLo – X Marks The Spot

Here is another DEHH Inbox entry in the form of 16 year old rapper TwoineyLo.

TwoineyLo is a 16 Year old Lyrical Artist from Baltimore City that is working non stop to be the best & accomplish his dream. In a recent interview, TwoineyLo stated “To me, Rap is more than music. I believe that Rap is an art but most artist do not paint vivid pictures for their audience to visualize as they listen” .TwoineyLo is one of the founders of “Nothing Without Motivation” (NWM) which is a successful, positive brotherhood and movement .”its a way of life” He mentions. “Our purpose is to prove to society that not all black males have to be statistics, instead, we want them to see that we too can engage in positive activity through creativity and expression.” He added.

Download: TwoineyLo-X Marks The Spot

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