Stoop Kids – The Front Page (ft. J​.​O​.​)

Stoop Kids – The Front Page (ft. J​.​O​.​)


Here is another single from the Stoop Kids upcoming album What A World. A strong first single, to me, is really tough to follow because what happens if the second single isn’t as good. That was my fear with pushing play to the latest single from The Stoop Kids. Fortunately, they didn’t let me down and I feel a tad bit more comfortable than before. This one is vastly different from the first single which featured a lot of singing that drove the song forward but with this one, I was won over by the jazzy, funky breakdown after the first verse. They have a certain style and they pull it off well. The emcee also touches on some timely topics in the song and he does a good job of not doing too much with the record or coming across too preachy. All in all, this is a good record that, once all the elements are added in, makes for another good song from the Stoop Kids. Props on the album art too.

Listen: Stoop Kids-The Front Page (ft. J.O.)

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