DEHH Inbox: Starbound-Billionaire

DEHH Inbox: Starbound-Billionaire


Not a bad record here from Starbound. His bio is attached if you want to know more. Check him out.

Bio: Starbound-Billionaire

Ricardo ‘Starbound’ Collins was born on July 29, 1992 and is one of the hardest working young artists in the Midwest. Originally known as ‘YD’ or Young Daddy, Ricky changed his name to ‘Starbound’ after the passing of his father in January of 2012, in memories of him.
At 20 Starbound has performed with a variety of big names that include Tyga, Trey Songs, Kid Ink, Waka Flocka and YG. Starbound takes pride in honing his craft with every opportunity to perform and has been blessed to grace the stage with such artists. Starbound has also drawn followers that in which has reached over 5700 fans on Facebook and led to over 50,000 views on YouTube.

Originally born in Chicago, Starbound grew up on the rough north side of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Over the years north Minneapolis has been known as one of the leading cities for high crime with more fatalities than Chicago during some years. Through the harsh street life that Starbound was exposed to he has definitely faced challenges of peer pressure that included potential gang and drug activity. It was taking a toll on him during his middle school years but at the age of 14 something inside of him began to want more.

Attending a charter high school called Dunwoody Academy, Ricky looked to explore the Media Arts program to help with the marketing of himself. At the conclusion of his 9th grade year Ricky was looking to choose a medium to express himself and tried poetry as the way to share what he was emotionally experiencing. The decision led him to writing poetry to instrumentals. That decision was the decision that changed his life forever!

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