DEHH Inbox: Phaze Jackson – Dear Lord (The Rant Pt. 2)

DEHH Inbox: Phaze Jackson – Dear Lord (The Rant Pt. 2)


It’s hard for me to really get a grasp for artist when they rap over other people’s beats but this was interesting enough to keep me from closing out the tab. I listened to some other songs on his Soundcloud page to make sure he didn’t trick me and while he has some obvious influences, read Yelawolf, he doesn’t come across as a copycat but more like someone that is trying to use those influences to find his own style. I hope that continues because this one song he had on his page sounded so typical. I closed the tab. Anyway, take a listen to Phaze Jackson below and share any thoughts you may have.

Listen: Phaze Jackson-Dear Lord (The Rant Pt. 2)

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