DEHH Inbox: Murph Law – Lets Go Geek

DEHH Inbox: Murph Law – Lets Go Geek

Don’t worry geeks, Washington DC rapper Murph Law got you.

About Let’s Go Geek!

He’s seen every single episode of Star Trek including “Enterprise”, lol. He’s an avid gamer. He know more about computers then the average joe. And, He is not just a person who makes music, He’s obsessed with it! Every note, every frequency, instrument, microphone, sound card, and piece of software. Damn right, He’s a geek! And he loves it! Actually, if you indulge in too much of anything, guess what?… You are too! Geek for sports, Geek for music, geek for food, etc.- everybody loves to go Geek about something. Jesus Freak? How about Jesus Geek! Yup! Anything. Embrace your obsession with anime and Go Geek about it! This song is for you 🙂

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