DEHH Inbox: B. Yale – BoxedIn (ft. Pro and Corey Compensation)

DEHH Inbox: B. Yale – BoxedIn (ft. Pro and Corey Compensation)

boxed in

Here is the latest DEHH Inbox selection B. Yale with “BoxedIn” featuring Pro and Corey Compensation. The song is off B. Yale’s upcoming project Visions, a mixture of instrumentals and songs produced entirely by B. Yale. Be sure to download the full project from Take a listen to it folks and leave your feedback below.

Listen: B. Yale-BoxedIn (ft. Pro and Corey Compensation)


B. Yale is a recording artist native of Virginia raised in Michigan where he first started recording and performing at the young age of 10 years old. Introduced to rapping by his long time friend Terance Moore they formed the group Double Trouble and would go on to record a few demos n mixtapes and perform regularly at school pep rallies open mics and summer music festivals in and outside of Michigan. In 2005 he moved to Atlanta to finish up high school and to continue his pursuit of music. He did a short lived stint in a singing group and in the fall of 2007 he was introduced to the founding member of Top Heavy,Young Lyxx, and joined forces with the growing entertainment company the following winter.
B. Yale is not your typical boastful rapper, though he likes the glamour as much as the next person does he uses his art to depict stories that the common listener can relate to. He infuses the old school feel of 90’s soul Hip-Hop with a blend of a new school flow while at times incorporating his voice. On top of being a potent MC he is also a writer, singer and just recently has been learning production and engineering.

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