Dee Dave: “Gods With Glory” feat. Tate Kobang [Music Video]

Dee Dave: “Gods With Glory” feat. Tate Kobang [Music Video]

Hailing out of Baltimore, Dee Dave has been on the scene for years making a strong impact on the city’s rap game. Ready to take things to the next level, the lyricist returns with a new video for his popular track “Gods With The Glory” featuring frequent collaborator and fellow Baltimore artist Tate Kobang. The song lives on Dee’s latest project Before Greatness, which dropped mid-February and serves as the prelude to Dave’s forthcoming full-length project. This Maggie Rudisill-directed video is a cinematic masterpiece that captures every emotion. 

Here’s what Dee had to say about the song:

“The song is talking about surviving beating all odds from stereotyping, racism and be and influence to stop the war against black men from the city we live in Baltimore which made us Gods. It goes for anybody in the city who survived anything. In my perspective we all need to be rewarded or glorified for our accomplishments. I picked Tate because it just made since the chemistry the whole vibe that we already had. Especially from us both coming from the east side and the things we’ve seen and been through made it even more authentic. Video was just showing how I’m Muslim and Tate is Christian but at the end of Day we both believe in God and that there always a devil in disguise in anything. The city we live in a lot of negativity but we try to bring the positive no matter what which makes us Gods.”

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