D2X: “Enjoy Life” EP [Album Stream]

D2X: “Enjoy Life” EP [Album Stream]

Riverdale emcee D2X has been teasing his newest project for a while, but now it’s finally here. His EP “Enjoy Life” is D2X’s testimony to himself, the process of overcoming fears and doubts is a challenge and that’s what depicted in “Enjoy Life”.

The EP is a generous mixture of underground infused sounds and bangers to throw in the whip. “Enjoy Life” isn’t just a couple dope bars over a couple dope beats. D2X looks to make the project an experience, giving us varied styles of delivery is just the beginning. The grand interlude “Diamond Life Blues” gives us lyrics from D2X but also transitions us into the second half with some jazzy instrumentals to get us through. I won’t spoil everything, for now you can listen to “Enjoy Life” below. We’ll have a review of the EP up next week.

You can stream “Enjoy Life” HERE or stream it below.

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