Beezy’s Current Top 10 Producers/Beat Makers

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Beezy’s Current Top 10 Producers/Beat Makers



Whatupdoe!!!  Welcome ladies and gents, I figure since I’ve been giving y’all the beat tapes of the week on a consistent basics this year I’ll put together my current (NOT ALL-TIME) top 10 producers that I’m a huge fan of.  To many of them already, so this list will not be in order or anything I’m just listing 10 and that’s it.  LETS GET STARTED!!!




First up we have: TALL BLACK GUY

What can I say, I’ve been following this dude since 2009 sometime and with every instrumental album he released I’m never disappointed.  Listening to his beats you can really tell he takes his time to craft his sound rather its soul sound, electric hip hop sound, abstract sound whatever it is you can NOT go wrong with sounds from Tall Black Guy Productions.  Check out his BANDCAMP and you will hear what I’m talking about.  I’ve literally purchase every single project from here money well spent must I say.  Looking forward to hearing what him and Skyzoo have cooked up for his new album A Dream Deferred.





Next we have: NAMELESS BEATS

This is another dude I’ve been following since 2009 as well.  I first heard his project Beats Original Vol. 1 and been a fan ever since.  I dont know how or where he gets his drums from but for the most part his beats are neck breaking for serious head nodding LOL.  The thing I love the most about Nameless is his versatility with the different kinds of beats he present throughout his beat tapes.  Go listen for yourself –> BANDCAMP also if you need flyers done he does that as well, he’s a graphic designer.




Up next: MADLIB

This dude here needs no intro really, I’m pretty you guys can come up with many ways to describe how great this guy that goes by the name of Madlib.  I can go on and on about how many people he worked with or how many classic beats and albums he did.  I dont have to give you a link to his music just go on sites like, Fat, & or just google him and start purchasing this man’s music.  That’s it!!! I’m not saying anything else LOL.




Next up: Kev Brown

This dude here I swear soul sampling at its finest if that’s what you’re looking for.  Kev Brown produced a lot of joints for what is now my favorite record label Mellow Music Group.  If you not a underground head then you probably wont know the MC’s he worked with but he did do some work with DJ Jazzy Jeff produced a good amount of songs from The Magnificent album.  Check out all of his projects here –> BANDCAMP 



Next we have: ODDISEE

Well well well, if you been following me on twitter and/or deadendhiphop you know I’m a Oddisee fan.  I’m still speechless from Rock Creek Park album he dropped last year.  This dude is so abstract to me and I can really hear doing joints for De La or Tribe back in the day, his beats fit perfectly for them.  I’m actually surprise this dude is so slept-on so much as a producer.  He have different moods for the beats tapes and even albums with artist on there.  He’s apart of the Mellow Music Group roster, actually he was the first artist that got me into Mellow Music Group and the rest is history.  If you havent already check out his music –> BANDCAMP 




Its funny how I found out about this dude.  Couple years ago I found a Dilla Tribute done by him and I was a little iffy on how could he make a beat tape tribute for in my eyes the greatest producer of all time.  I gave it a listen and been following this dude ever since.  Ta-ku must sleep in the studio or something because he stay releasing music.  I have yet to see him on anybody’s project as far as an emcee, I mean he have some work on a few compilations here and there but I would love to here Elzhi or Blu over Ta-ku beats.  Check out his music here —> BANDCAMP




Up next: DIBIASE

Coming straight from Cali, Dibiase aka the SP404 master is another dope producer/beat maker y’all must get familiar with his music.  Probably one of my favorite producer to do that video game 8 bit sounding type beats along with Flying Lotus.  Wouldnt mind seeing this dude put a beat together in person, his style of production always keeps me guessing on his instrumental projects.  Speaking of his projects go check them out here –> BANDCAMP  he also have a project out thats not on his bandcamp called “Looney Goons” you can purchase on sites like etc.




Just like Madlib there’s no need to explain or tell you how nice Alchemist is on the boards.  I will say this though, Alchemist makes those kind of beats sometimes where I be like “what the hell was you on dude?” In a good way though.  No need to put a link or anything about his music just google him and you will find plenty of music to purchase.  He’s also apart the duo Gangrene which consist of him and Oh No another dope producer who will probably be honorable mention on this list.




Yall thought I was going to get through this list without putting one of Detroit’s finest producers on here?  Easily the flagship producer for Mellow Music Group, Apollo Brown always brings the heat from Gas Mask album to Trophies with O.C.  This dude basslines are always hitting, to me besides Black Milk and the late great Dilla Apollo Brown to me is the sound of Detroit.  Whenever I sit back and zone out to some of his beats I swear it takes me back home to Joy Rd and just riding around the neighborhoods.  Check out all of his projects here –> BANDCAMP  Yo Apollo when’s the next project dropping????





Maaaaaan!!! What more can I say about this man here?  I swear J Dilla passed away some of his soul went right into Black Milk, just to watch Black compose a beat is breath-taking to me.  I am lucky to witness this man perform live numerous times and all I can say is WOW!!!  I’m literally speechless typing this LOL, just go ahead and check out this man’s website —> BLACKMILK.BIZ



Well good people there you go my top 10 CURRENT producers/beat makers list but before I leave I have to hit y’all with a honorable mention list right quick im missing too many people.



Flying Lotus

Oh No

Jahlil Beats

Eric Lau

Eric G

Tae Beast


Clams Casino


9th Wonder




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