Concert Recap: 3rd Annual Source Charity Christmas Concert

Concert Recap: 3rd Annual Source Charity Christmas Concert


It was a night filled with fun, trap music, and hip hop white girls gone wild…yeah, it was that kind of night. I have to admit, seeing an event set to last 6 hours total is not necessarily appealing to me on football Sunday. However, witnessing the ass whipping my 11-2 fantasy football team took at the hands of a 7-6 team gave me all the motivation I needed to get up and go. Besides, the Street Execs 3rd Annual Source Charity Christmas Concert was for a good cause and I’ll be dam if hip hop couldn’t use positive news on more occassions. “Pop a molly I’m sweating – wooo!!” Oh yea, it was plenty of that too.

The Street Execs 3rd Annual Charity Christmas Concert free concert organized to give back to the community. The cost to attend is only a toy or canned good and although that’s more of a bartering system instead of currency system technically making it not entirely free, you get the big picture. It’s all about doing good in the hood and that’s what this event was all about.

After fighting the old Scrooge Wicked Witch of the South lady for entrance (shoutout to Tora Jones) I was finally in the building. The hosts Corey Crums (yes, that’s his real name and he will fight you over it) were funny and kept us entertained all night in between sets. The show moved along without hiccups and they kept the artists rotating in and out.

A couple of things I learned tonight:

  • Chief Keef’s “Sosa” song is really popular.
  • Trinidad Jame’s “All Gold Everything” is the real deal and totally pumps up the crowd.
  • Don’t try to jump back on stage unless you are absolutely certain you will make it. S/O to Young Guapo.
  • The man working the lights really, really enjoyed the show and danced to all the hits.
  • There are a lot of popular songs that I don’t know due to the fact that I am not 18 or younger or listen to Hot 107.9
  • If you pop a molly, you will sweat. Woo!!
  • It’s awkward seeing a three year old girl dance on stage to Travis Porter music
  • If you add a microphone to a rapper, they multiply on stage like Gremlins.

After the debacle at Spoiled Milk (thanks to flying bullets and no, I’m not talking a unreleased Wu-Tang song), I finally managed to see Two9 perform and it was a joy. They are really like a southern Wu-Tang clan and have mad energy and stage presence. I can really see them blowing up in 2013. The music was a stark contrast to the stereotypical trap music that was performed by person after person after person that to see the crowd show them love back was a sign that they have a future ahead. “Pop a molly I’m sweating – woo!!”

Leading up to the final hour, the stage was graced with Lil Scrappy, Crime Mob, Pastor Troy, Ca$h Out, and a growing unrest for 2 Chainz. The night ended on a few high notes. B.o.B came through and performed “Raybands” and “Still In This Bitch” with T.I. in which no one in attendance was expecting. T.I. himself performed two songs from Trouble Man and is one hell of a performing. Travis Porter hit the stage immediately performing their hits and the night was finally closed out by 2 Chainz who is hilarious. Not relying solely on people’s good will while handing out bikes, he asked to see the “lil niggaz” on their camera phone to verify if parents were telling the truth. 2 Chainz put on a great show but the night was really about giving back. The night was really worth the the full hours standing to see hip hop doing good in the hood. “Pop a molly I’m sweating – woo!!”

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