100dBs & Ryan-O’Neil – Long Time

100dBs & Ryan-O’Neil – Long Time


100dBs & Ryan-O’Neil released, “Long Time”, as their second single after the first single, “Wait A Minute”, hit the #1 spot on college radio.  Nice.  You can find “Long Time” on their latest album Tea & Spliffs.  On “Long Time”, producer 100dBs freaks a Bob Marley sample to create an ill reggae flavored track to empower Ryan-O’Neil to drop some rap nostaglia about how plastic the game has become.  I like the scratches in this one.  It gives it a real old school feel to it.

Tea & Spliffs is available now on iTunes and all other digital retailers. Compact Discs can be purchased via UGHHFat BeatsAmazon and various other online retail chains.

Listen: 100dBs & Ryan-O’Neil-Long Time

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