Zack Daddy: “Daddyisms” [Album Review]

Zack Daddy: “Daddyisms” [Album Review]

The more you dig in hip-hop the more you realize, you know almost next to nothing about hip-hop. When I bring up the state of Kentucky, I doubt the first thing coming to your mind is hip-hop. However if you look, between Shiesty Khrist, Deacon the Villain, JustMe that barely scratches the surface of what Kentucky has to offer in hip-hop.

Zack Daddy is another emcee based out of Kentucky and he recently released his mixtape “Daddyisms”. I can’t front when I first saw the title, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, that said I was 100% correct. Production is mostly held by Mykal Riley, the blunted vibes on “Daddyisms” fit with the personality of our hero. “Daddyisms” plays like a book to help you better understand Zack Daddy, this works because there are many facets to him that unfolds over these seven tracks.

Each track has a different feel to it, however it all comes together to give us a full picture of who Zack Daddy is (or at least what he wants us to know). From these tracks alone it’s clear Zack Daddy has immense talent, the entire tape has him ripping a verse and in the same track singing to us. And it works…every time. There are never any awkward pauses or transitions, Zack Daddy the raps and singing blend perfectly together through the whole tape.

“Daddyisms” is a full spectrum effort, Zack is hilarious, soulful and extremely personal. You’ll have the title track, where Zach is full of braggadocio, the very next track “All I Need” is unbelievably personal and strikes a cord at the right time given what surrounds the rest of the mixtape. I have no idea what Zack Daddy has coming next, but a full-length from this man is on my list of wants for 2018.

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