Young Sho: “Alone” (prod. by YL Tha Kid)

Young Sho: “Alone” (prod. by YL Tha Kid)

Most people don’t associate Connecticut with Hip Hop, but if you visit the small New England state’s inner cities, Hip Hop is thriving. Hartford born Hip Hop artist, Young Sho, has been laying down the ground work for his music these past few years. From tearing down stages throughout the East Coast, delivering consistent mixtape releases, and more, Young Sho is here to represent for the 860.

Even his over-the-top, yet truthful (and hilarious) Facebook rants and Instagram posts have earned him the title of the “Hashtag Champ.”

This Summer, Sho is unleashing new music as he’s ready to take his career in entertainment to the next level. His first musical offering is a single titled, “Alone,” produced by YL Tha Kid. On the record, Young Sho portrays a feeling that many of us can relate to – feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders, and feeling the need to go out and take what’s rightfully yours, even if it you have to​ do so all by your lonesome.

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