Yeah I Said It, Young Thug Is A Genius

Yeah I Said It, Young Thug Is A Genius

I know exactly what you’re thinking reading the headline of this. Trust me, I know what you’re thinking. “YOUNG THUG? The mumble rapping, dress wearing rapper from Atlanta with his hair dyed?”. But please allow me some time to properly present some points and some evidence to prove that Young Thug is a genius. Too often hip-hop listeners become overly concerned with an artist and their image and miss out on some music that they could end up liking. Although Young Thug’s various quotes (some cringeworthy) and his style choices (less cringeworthy) make up about half of the headlines concerning him, he makes more than enough quality rap music along with hundreds of show stealing features to keep his fan base satisfied.


Young Thug is one of very few rappers who is versatile enough to get on a trap beat (his primary focus), then onto some dancehall type music, and then onto some pop music from overseas. Of course versatility isn’t enough to give an artist the tag of “genius” but it definitely doesn’t hurt. He evolved his sound from when he first started. When he first started Young Thug sounded like a clone of Lil Wayne. After fine tuning his sound with a little help over the years, he can fit in with any sound. He’s an improving singer. In terms of melodies there’s very few who does it better. He has a sound for everybody.


Like it or not, Young Thug has influenced (blatantly or indirectly) most of the sounds that people love or hate today. If you look at the XXL candidates at least half of them are influenced by Young Thug. He has for sure left his mark and stamp on the culture. When a song says “featuring Young Thug” you can guarantee that it’s gonna at LEAST be interesting. Even the illest lyricists in the game are backing him. He’s a marketing GENIUS. He wore a dress on his album cover to open up and get more listeners. Every little outrageous thing he does and he knows people are going to talk about it, plus the people he has backing him are smart.

Bars and Flows:

I know what you’re thinking when you’re reading this. “You can’t even understand what he’s saying, all he does is mumble”. You sound like someone who hasn’t listened to Young Thug’s flows and bars lately. He’s colorful, he’s funny, he’s outrageous! It’s not even necessarily what he says but it’s how he says it. He switches all of his flows up for every song. Young Thug is cold with it man. His flows get bitten up and borrowed and whether singing or rapping when he’s featured he immediately steals the show. Look at this older footage of the crowd going absolutely nuts when Thug’s verse drops and he doesn’t even have to rap it.


Young Thug is provocative and like he said “every time he dresses himself it goes viral”. He has a dedicated fan base that is almost cult like. He finds a way to remain relevant and stays out of trouble, has a solid discography and is really super fun to listen to. He did a song with Wyclef, for God’s sake. Thugger went from making garbage to expanding his sound and making better music and then expanding his flows. He no doubt has one of the best ears for beats in the game. Barter 6 wasn’t great, but a few of the songs on there got me thinking. I saw the star power coming, I knew he was going to be great. And it’s happened, Young Thug is a genius.

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