Yaves (@yavesellis ) “In Winters Ear” Album Review (Written)

Yaves (@yavesellis ) “In Winters Ear” Album Review (Written)


Winter has always been one of my least favorite seasons. I’ve never had anything to look forward to the season within the past, until Yaves had something to do with it with his “In Winters Ear” project.

Yaves starts off the album with “Rumble Young Man“, which is very fitting title for the track. Similar to Muhammad Ali, who coined the track title, Yaves shows us his fancy footwork and hard “punch lines” within the ring.This was a great decision to start the album off with this track. It’s one of the best intro tracks I’ve heard this year. “Revolver” and “Whips and chains” gives us great pictures of the state of society. Both teach us that materialism and instant gratification are thriving (stupidity is gold now a days), while common sense is barely surviving. Yaves collabs are on point as well on “Say That” and “Good Lord“. I would love to hear more tracks with Yaves and Dee-1 together in the future. “Down Bad”  can definitely be a single with its soulful bars and hook from Zoe Boston. Yaves even gives us a glimpse of his unique story telling skills with “Blood Covered Snow“.

Overall, this was a great gem for 2015. It was well balanced with top notch production and bars. Yaves skills should be discussed with some of the elite names within hip hop. Throughout the EP, he gives you examples of how “cold” an emcee he really is. With it being an EP, it has me yearning for more. I can see it within my top lists at the end of the year and I can’t wait to hear what’s in store for the next season. Spread The Soup!

You can check out the album on itunes here.



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