Yahweh: “Arcadia” [Album Stream]

Yahweh: “Arcadia” [Album Stream]

North Carolina’s Yahweh is here with his album “Arcadia”. And sheesh, this is an album I didn’t know I needed. I’m big on honest lyricism. While I’m all for turning up, we’re all going through something and sometimes that stuff piles up and we breakdown. “Arcadia” taps into the emotional struggles and battles we deal with not only on a daily basis but the bigger picture.

North Carolina’s TheDeeepEnd provides the production on this and it fits to the mental tuggings that Yahweh spits. Thankfully this project goes full circle though, it’s not just wallowing in self-pity and drowning. It’s getting through those issues and growing from it. You can stream “Arcadia” below and get ready as we’ll be interviewing Yahweh soon.


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