Yahweh: “Arcadia” [Album Review]

Yahweh: “Arcadia” [Album Review]

As summer comes to a close and we transition into the beautiful season of autumn, our moods and thoughts start to shift. The brightness from the sun turns into melancholy from the cloudy skies and precipitation. With this change comes a shift in the musical tone as well, North Carolina’s Yahweh has teamed up with TheDeeepEnd to release his debut album “Arcadia”.

From the top Yahweh dives face first into confronting his anxieties, fears, depression and more. Now’s the best time to talk about Yahweh’s partner in crime on this one, TheDeeepEnd, on this TheDeeepEnd takes the reins as producer. If you remember correctly, TheDeeepEnd produced his own solo album as well and if you go back and listen to that project, “Arcadia” is a big departure from the production on Deeep’s debut.

Yahweh fits the production weaving in his stories and feelings through Deeep’s production. A prime example of this is “Water Fallin’” where a deep (see what I did there) acoustic solo starts this track warming you up to what’s to come. I’m all for emotional, honest, heart-wrenching records, what sets “Arcadia” apart from what some call emo rap are Yahweh has more or less seen his mental transformation through. Numerous times on “Arcadia” Yahweh mentions some of the moves and solutions he’s taken to help deal with some of the mental struggles he and all of us deal with. Even from simple solutions like drinking more water, trying to eat healthier, Yahweh isn’t just complaining but giving us ways to deal with life’s struggles as well.

Tracks like “Peace of Mind” has our hero proclaiming his future and successes, thanking those who stuck by him during the storm. Even the following track “It’s Not That Deep” is Yahweh accepting him for himself, those who prefer to judge can keep it moving. Yahweh and TheDeeepEnd are surprising duo, the dark focused production from TheDeeepEnd gave Yahweh the soundscape to show not only his struggle but his ascension. You feel the depression, the anxiety, and at times the desparation of Yahweh trying to navigate through this world.

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