Y.G.K “State of Mind” [Album Review]

Y.G.K “State of Mind” [Album Review]

Putting together a project as an artist is the pinnacle, you’re putting your whole essence and existence into something to give to people is no easy feat. Cleveland, Ohio Emcee Y.G.K has done just that in his latest album “State of Mind”. Y.G.K truthfully and on the low has put together one of my favorite indie releases of the year with this one, let’s jump in.

Let’s get some logistics out of the way, number one this album is 14 tracks deep, entirely produced by Soledad Brother really set the stage and foundation for Y.G.K to do his thing. Y.G.K is a straightforward shooter, that’s not to say that he can’t rip a verse, in fact his straightforward nature tells the listener exactly what’s going on in his head and the journey he’s chronicling on this album.

Tracks like “Guard Down” & “Down To The Wire” have the Cleveland emcee making it clear where he stands in this journey. Y.G.K on a lot of these tracks is walking the listener through his thought process and the experiences that have led him to this point in his life. Adding to this, there is only one guest appearance on “State of Mind” in Shawn Reyez on “So Be It”. This leaves Y.G.K to really be the star and shine on this project.

I’ve mentioned it already but it bears mentioning again, the second star on this project is Soledad Brother. I feel like pigeonholing him into the boom-bap category is a disservice, however as a fan of boom-bap, this is heaven in my ears. The ambience, the change-ups will have your head nodding if it doesn’t flat out break your neck.

If you’re a fan of underground hip-hop and are a bit tired of the more popular cuts that have come out this year I strongly suggest picking up Y.G.K’s “State of Mind”. You won’t regret it.

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