Wiley Coyote: The Wasteland [Album Review] by @SageTerrence

Wiley Coyote: The Wasteland [Album Review] by @SageTerrence


“Wiley Coyote is a 19 year old British artist who resides in London, UK. Having been interested in music for the majority of his life, it wasn’t until the past few years that he began to focus on his craft and master his gifts as a singer and a songwriter. He released his first project “The Wasteland” on the fourth of September. Wiley Coyote’s Debut album is a contemplative affair, dealing with the artist’s feelings as he traverses the complicated emotional landscape created by events in his own life.”

The beginning of this fourteen track album begins with Float. Two people are heard on a beach, the water wavering back and forth in the background, the seagulls distant yet near at the same time. After a brief dialogue, we sit with the sounds of the water before the beat and Wiley himself approach the track in a style that allows him to leave just as fast as we came onto the beat.  Summer picks up heavily as Wiley with the feature of  Bethany Collinge traverse the lows of relationships and youthful experiences. The hook “I think you could do much, much, much, much, much, better than me” is intoxicating in the way any listener with woes of being in love can understand. The back half of the track is Bethany’s to control with the story of homesickness and being out of your depth in a new location is short and sweet with both of them slurring and singing in a combined setup that ends the track and on to the aptly named Sunrise. 

Sunrise sounds like a track that GoldLink or Drake could take a spin on, the raps are faster and the story gets a told a mile a minute. He’s pleading with the girl of his dreams and it’s a repeatable track for sure. It’s a straight forward pop track that gets the job done with the EDM infused pop beat that slows down and carries Wiley wordplay and flights of fancy until the morning time comes. Fukin is the sexual, sensual, sloppy, and complete departure from what we’ve heard before. If the title didn’t tell you, it’s all about the title. The verses give the visual of “the morning after” you seal the deal and you’re heart hurts but you can almost keep it together while the thoughts still swirl around in your head with the Motel theme music being the theme song for the day.

Big Love returns us to the sweet, and loving Wiley with a guitar and warm pop beats singing about dreams of you and your one true love. Suffice it to say the sounds Wiley incorporates go well together, you can hear all the moving parts while he chants and sings about metaphors of life, love, and the pursuit of happiness to get the picture perfect image of what he wants with his girl. Skin begins with an awkward send off for two until it dives headfirst into a steadfast, love song that wouldn’t be out of place on a Fifty Shades of Grey Soundtrack. It gets visual and intimate and it continues the journey of love Wiley started us on. Les Enfants Terribles marks the halfway point of the project and it’s a guitar riddled melody ride of thoughts all about location and brings a hilarious view on what the British artist thinks in terms of where one girl is more than likely about depending on where she resides. Saucin’ brings up the extremely slowed down nature we’ve seen before , this time it’s a shakeup with the introduction of an electrifying beat and drums. The beat is the real winner on Saucin’ with Wiley wavering in and out of the track with his words all the while getting you to vibe with the hook that is “saucin, saucin, saucin on youuuu”.

Night holds up to its name in the way that it’s meant to be played because of the “simping” and melodramatic beat with ever so slightly upbeat parts to hold it together. We really get into his head in terms of what relationships and the lows we’ll hit signify when we’re just out of reach of having those feelings reciprocated. Shit be like that a foreboding voice tells us we are going to party because it’s our birthday. That’s always a good sign for this summertime fun track. He floats on the drums and everything comes together for one of the better, more positive relationship tracks on the project. Iku No Ooru isn’t only the most out there in terms of name titles but its more so abrupt on both ends of the spectrum. Wiley sings about how the best die young and it forms into a repeated like chant until a message finishes the track introducing a poet at an Open Mic by the name of Nina Mosley. She begins but doesn’t finish her poem and we are left to wonder if this’ll be continued.

Ridin’ clocks in as one of the shorter tracks as we begin to close out the project. We’re treated to a filtered voice giving us a rapping intro and Wiley proceeds to sooth the track and support the flow and beat greatly before “ridin the high” to the song’s close. Sunshine mirrors the earlier tracks like Float and Summer (even featuring some bird noises on the beach in the background!) Wiley blends the line of rapping and spoken word. He’s telling his story and the music is a type of care and it’s all laid bare for our listening pleasure. His voice is deary but not to the point of the song coming off mundane and emotionless and it all works for the subject matter he’s projected onto us. The final track End features the return of the water and Wiley coming full circle and laying his soul on the track. Everything about the track is reflective and we are treated to Wiley at his best. He barely takes a breath to curate the journey in which he’s led listeners on.

It’s a rather melancholy look at youth, life, and relationships when all is said and done but by the time track rolls to it’s finish you can have a fully formed thought of just who Wiley Coyote is and what he’s trying to get across with his music. Across the fourteen tracks, we’ve listened to a more personal tale of relationship highs and lows, escapades of Summer, and glimpses of two friends attempting to be something more. This being Wiley’s debut album features a strong sense of a foundation for the artist. Some tracks ranging on one end of the emotional spectrum to the other notwithstanding…this was an all around solid project from the London artist.

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