WESTSIDEDOOM (Westside Gunn & MF DOOM): “Gorilla Monsoon”

WESTSIDEDOOM (Westside Gunn & MF DOOM): “Gorilla Monsoon”

WESTERN NEW YORK STAND UP! Buffalo native, Westside Gunn has been gaining traction for a minute now, after releasing his heavily-acclaimed album, Flygod, and then going on to sign with Shady Records alongside his brother, and fellow Buffalo rapper, Conway. Now, Gunn is building EVEN MORE hype with announcement of a collaboration the notorious underground legend, MF DOOM. The project will entitled, WESTSIDEDOOM, and will hopefully be released sometime this year.

To hold us over, Gunn revealed the entirety of a single he teased on Instagram a while back entitled, “Gorilla Monsoon”. If this is what WESTSIDEDOOM is gonna sound like…I’m all in. Gunn and DOOM kill it (as usual) over a devious beat provided the notorious Daringer, Gunn and Conway’s in-house producer. Being from Rochester, NY, it’s nice to see some guys from Western NY get recognized. Peep the track below.


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