Webisode 47: Is HipHop Respected as an Art Form? Ft: The MisanthropikOne | DEHH

The long-awaited collab convo featuring The MisanthropikOne.

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  1. marsten8 says

    Whats up fellas i love the show: but im going to disagree. i think in my mind hiphop is a respected artform. I look at groups like Wu tang clan who can go on tour with rage against the machine talking all that 5% language talk that says white people are creations from albinos and call god a mystery god and still sell out arenas. jay z is mister international we even have elder statesmen like krs one who is mad respected. and we are just talking in the states. internationally people like atmosphere and cali agents can make a living. people want to see j live in the uk. Hell Waka Flocka who i like can actually go over sees and make a killing. the thing is to me is that because of downloading (ironically your last video) no ones music seems to be respected cuz we are greedy wanting the next thing faster. then muscians change their styles. i couldnt tell you how many times i went to see krs 1 live and he did his new shit. it frustrates me. i go see blu and he forgets his lyrics and give a bad show and will only do newshit thats not that dope to me. anyway i can always go back and listen to classic stuff from these artist. i think the music is respected at the end of the day. by black people because they want it they just dont always want to pay for it or go to the shows, by white because they are packing the shows and they download it and buy it, by other races and the international community. tribe called quest is respected, rakim, slick rick, snoop dog, ice cube, common, the roots, mc lyte, man i can go down the list. even sir mix a lot and 2 live crew are respected. so as an artform i have to say yes it is. and to me hiphop is only a audio movie hiphop talks about the same thing everyone talks about. at the end of the day its getting love and respect from others or how far they go to get it. some people tell their version of that story in more clever ways. i love the shows. you guys should do a march madness show pick 5 mcs a peice and debate who team would win the tournament or dead end picks 5 vs other shows like yours. peace