Von Pea & The Other Guys: “Talent” feat. Verbal Kent, J-Live & Wordsworth

Von Pea & The Other Guys: “Talent” feat. Verbal Kent, J-Live & Wordsworth

Von Pea and The Other Guys released an EP together around three years ago called “To: You” (I can’t believe it’s been that long, I’m getting old). Nowadays for some reason, full project collabs seem like one-offs, not here, the duo will be releasing “The Fiasco” later this month.

Today though, I’m here to give you guys the third teaser from the project in “Talent”. I needed this, we get Von Pea, Wordsworth, Verbal Kent of Ugly Heroes fame and J-Live on one joint produced by The Other Guys. The four come together talking about “talent” the use of talent, the misuse of talent and everything in between. Peep the track below, let me know what you think and keep it locked as “The Fiasco” drops November 24 on HipNott Records.

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