Video | NOVA+A3C=SUPERNOVA (2010)

Video | NOVA+A3C=SUPERNOVA (2010)

This documentary follows an underground artist, (NOVA), as he embarks on his newest venture in his hip-hop journey. It’s not every day that a relatively unknown hip-hop artist’s presence is requested at one of the country’s largest hip-hop festivals, but that’s exactly what has happened for yours truly. Join the rapper as he experiences A3C and works up to an electrifying performance that will leave you stunned and speechless.

Watch Nova interact with the likes of the infamous producer 9th Wonder, tear up the stage with the legendary El Da Sensei, as well as reunite with his fellow Pittsburg rap cohorts. See inspiring words of encouragement from fans of Nova’s and feel the electricity from other festival goers as they describe their own personal A3C experience. Enjoy all that encompasses the A3C in this realistic look at hip-hop culture thru the music, the fans, and thru the eyes of SUPERNOVA.

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