Video: Dinner At The Thompsons – Something About You

Video: Dinner At The Thompsons – Something About You

Genre-bending franco-american duo Dinner At The Thompsons present their new EP “DATT: digital audio trip together”, the follow-up to their sophomore album (Off The Grid) in 2011. The duo have garnered a variety of praise since releasing their debut album (Lifetime On Planet Earth), ranging from YouTube featuring their video “It All Began” on their music page to the BBC deeming them a “thoughtful, leftfield success” for trip-hop fans (and including them on there yearly “best-of” roundup), to AOL Music selecting them for there “Listening Party” section and being reviewed by Okayplayer and a host of other esteemed outlets.

The new EP, self-proclaimed “electric boogie-pop”, defines itself as a concept based on an electro-funk reminiscent of the 80’s, electro-hip-hop beats, and soul tinged with psychedelic and nebulous ambiances. Organic and intuitive, the sound produced by french beat-maker and multi-instrumentalist FabLive is created with instruments such as the Rhodes, electric bass, drum machines of all types (TR808, 909), analog synthesizers, and live drums on certain tracks performed by their drummer Fili Flavor Pili. Oscillating between soul and pop, Lucille Tee’s vocals fly graciously over FabLive’s productions, bringing to Dinner At The Thompsons all its originality and exceptional artistic osmosis.

The new EP is presented live with their newly formed trio, including FabLive on bass & MPC, Lucille Tee on vocals & keyboard, and Fili Flavor Pili on live drums. “DATT: digital audio trip together” (which will be released on 6-24-2013) will foreshadow the group’s new LP which will be released this fall.

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