Vic Sage- “Nasty”

Vic Sage- “Nasty”


Nebraska emcee Vic Sage is here with his first Dead End Hip Hop single in “Nasty”. Earlier in the year he released his EP “Long Days, Longer Nights” which was a darker in lyrical tone and production. “Nasty” however is just that, a banger meant for the whip, Vic Sage rides the beat like he made it himself and he’s going for his. Tracks like this usually have a hard time keeping my interest but Vic changes up his flow, keeping the listener on their toes not knowing what’s coming next.

Vic Sage has a number of projects in the works, in two weeks he’ll release another single called “Time”. And make sure you’re here for the long haul because Sage is currently working on an album with fvmeless that will be out soon. You can stream “Nasty” below.

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