Versailles the Everything: “currently” [Album Stream]

Versailles the Everything: “currently” [Album Stream]


Versailles the Everything hailing from Florida truly can do everything. Truly one of the more underrated talents in hip-hop, she produces, she raps, she sings, does spoken word…you get the point. Last week Versailles released “currently” an eight track EP, she prefaces the release by saying “through my darkest hours, I love you all. and I wish you well”.

Eight tracks was enough for Versailles to really dig deep and not only showcase her diversity of talents, but also cover a variety of vibes, moods etc. We get everything from heartbreak, to a peaceful confidence, from uplifted sounds to sounds that are a bit darker. Check out where Versailles the Everything is “currently” below. Expect a review from yours truly and an interview with her shortly after that.

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