Ugly God: “The Booty Tape” [Album/Mixtape Review…sort of] by @MILFENCE

Ugly God: “The Booty Tape” [Album/Mixtape Review…sort of] by @MILFENCE

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It’s not often I listen to a project that makes me want to turn the volume all the way up in my car, while I simultaneously contemplate suicide. A project that is simply so f****** terrible that it’s brilliant. A project that will make you hate yourself, but can also bring you out of the trenches so you can bask in it’s incomparable glory.

This, is The Booty Tape.

Ugly God a.k.a. P**** Bacon is many things. Although he is clearly a bitch, and a hoe, he is the hero we all deserve during stressful times like these. With the country teetering on the verge of a second Civil War, it’s nice to finally hear someone who truly doesn’t give a f*** about anything. Except Black & Milds. Which you should never smoke under any circumstances.

I really don’t expect this review to be too long so I’ll just cut right to the chase. If you like p****, flexin’, more p****, and self-deprecation, this album is most certainly for you…unless you smoke Black & Milds. I think we’ve established this already but if you smoke Black & Milds you’re nasty, and you’re a hoe. Anyways yeah. There’s a lot of p**** in this album…or mixtape…I don’t even f****** know. The beats bang pretty hard, and the ridiculously amazing lyrics make the songs go that much harder. Here’s some of my favorite lyrics:

  1. “You don’t got no hoes, everyday you beat your meat”
  2.  “Stop smoking black & milds bitch you nasty”
  3. “Bitch your house got roaches I ain’t goin’ bitch I can’t, last time we spoke I smelled your breath it made me faint”
  4. “I’m a nasty hoe”
  5. “F*** Ugly God”

S***’s crazy. My only gripe is that there’s not a lot of new material on here, but who gives a s*** right? We really just wanted the HQ versions of “Water” and “Bitch!” “Stop Smoking Black and Milds” is definitely my favorite track on here, and carries a very significant message to the younger generation. One of the reasons I love Ugly God is for the incredibly valuable life tips he continues to give the public day in and day out. On “I’m Tryna Fuck” Ugly God gives you the ins and outs on how to get laid, despite being profoundly ugly.

This album/mixtape/whatever is honestly great……just kidding it’s trash. I don’t know, f*** it. It’s here, and it exists. That’s pretty much all I can say. Uhhhhhhh……don’t smoke Black & Milds.

Did you f***ers really expect a serious review of this?

Grade: skrt/10

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