Type A – Mastermind (Directed by Cam Kirk)

Type A – Mastermind (Directed by Cam Kirk)

Photographer and Director, Cam Kirk, works with a new hip hop duo, Type A, hailing from New Orleans with their debut music video entitled, “Mastermind”. Type A, the duo from New Orleans, made the trek to Atlanta at a remarkably creative age to pursue their talents and dreams. Type A consists of members Izzy and Prodi. Their music has sounds of pop rock and party rap as well as trippy or psychedelic tracks that have nostalgia for both the 70’s and the 90’s. Their sound maintains a futuristic undercurrent and they have a certain afro centricity to their style. Type A considers themselves part of the “positive black movement” and they purposely use their voices to infuse diversity into being young and black.

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